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Connect Groups

Connect groups are where church becomes family

Study group

Doing life together is a key part of being church. Connect Groups are small, midweek groups that meet across our area to connect with God, each other and those who don't yet know Jesus.

There's no such thing as a 'normal' evening but they aim to be based around these three areas:

Community - A space for sharing life

A place to begin friendship, deepen relationships, look out for each other and share in everyday life.

Discipleship - A space for spiritual formation

This involves prayer, learning God's word through listening and discussion. A place to grow, mature and apply spiritual disciplines to everyday life.

Mission - A space for reaching out

This involves bringing people into your community, to share God's love through word & action. A place to become confident in sharing my story, the gospel & seeking to make new disciples in everyday life.

For more information or to register interest for a group please contact the office

Group Selfie
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