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Our Mission

Hope is found in Jesus 

We actively and passionately share the gospel, through word, action and through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Hope is expressed in Family

We are a hospitable and welcoming church where all can experience the grace, care and love of Father God, in relationship with others. We believe God is community and so we are committed to being an authentic expression of this. A people that shares life together and help to meet each other’s needs.


Hope grows in Encounter

We are a charismatic Spirit filled and led church. We intentionally pursue God’s presence through prayer, worship, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and expectation of the gifts of the Spirit. We take time to listen, reflect and respond to what He says to us.


Hope develops in Learning

We are dedicated followers of Jesus, learning, serving, growing in faith and discipleship. We apply the Bible to our lives and seek to experience the dynamic work of the Holy Spirit who leads us into truth.


Hope Transforms

We seek to bring transformation through generosity and the pursuit of justice, serving our local community in practical ways. We offer hope, healing, the supernatural and restoration to the broken, vulnerable and poor. We support others who serve internationally through prayer, finance and sending teams.

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