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Diss Community Workshop

The Community Workshop meets in Dickleburgh where we have a space, which is part of an industrial unit, that is very well kitted out with all the relevant tools. Many of the tools have been donated by generous members of the community.


We work to combat loneliness and isolation, attempting to create a sense of community for our members. 


We are affiliated to the UK Men’s Shed Association - although we also have women members! The Community Workshop operates under the Hope Church Trust and the Church covers us with charity status and provides us with banking.


We used to be in Diss, hence the name, but unfortunately lost our premises because it was due to be developed. Dickleburgh was the only place we could find new premises - a local business kindly donates the space to us for free as part of their warehouse unit. 


Reusing and recycling stuff, giving it a second life when it might otherwise have gone to landfill, is a very important part of our ethos. 


We are happy for folks to work on their own projects, or to help make stuff to support the project. We produce items such as garden planters, bird nest boxes, mud kitchens, bird tables, bat boxes, and many more similar items. Some folks have brought in items of furniture to repair and upcycle. - please ask us for a quote if you need something made for you.



We would love anyone interested to come and visit us, have a look at the facilities, meet other members and see if it’s something you would find interesting. 

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