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Our Story

We are a charismatic community church based in South Norfolk, serving the towns of Diss and Harleston and surrounding area. We are members of The Evangelical Alliance, part of the Pioneer Network and a partner church with 24/7 Prayer.

Our story began in 1947 when a Christian evangelist came to Diss. A large group of people heard the gospel of Jesus and became Christians. In 1948 they formed an Assemblies of God church and appointed their first pastor.

In 1955 the church purchased a property in Mount Street Diss, where meetings continued for the next 30 years. Over those years many changes took place and in 1985 it was decided to establish a new church called Diss Christian Community Church (DC3). There were 29 members in total.

The following year the present site in Vinces Road was purchased. Phase 1 of the building was completed within 18 months and the church moved in. Phase 2 of the building, which includes the Sports Hall, was completed in January 1997, with the hope that it would become a central part of the community, somewhere that was welcoming and open to all.

Since this time we have met in two locations. This included a congregation in the nearby town of Harleston from 2005 - 2020. Since Covid we now meet all together each Sunday. This is based in our building in Diss. 

In October 2017 we became part of the Pioneer Network of Churches and in February 2018 we rebranded as Hope Church.

Come along and join us on a Sunday morning to learn more about what we do or get in touch with us here. We would love to meet you!

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