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Who Let The Dads Out?

Who let the Dads out? Is our monthly stay & play group for Dads, Step-Dads Grandads, Male Carers and their kids aged 0-10

A chance to connect with your kids, meet other Dads & give Mums a lie-in! We have lots of space for free play, books, craft and games.

Cereal, Fruit, Hot breakfast butties, toast & coffee are on offer throughout and included in the entry price of £3 per family.

Image by Steven Libralon

Who Let The Dads Out? Diss

WLTDO happens on the first Saturday of every month.
Breakfast, bacon rolls, tea and coffee available. There will be lots of activities to entertain the kids.
All dads, step-dads, uncles, grandads or carers are welcome.
9am-11am at Hope Church, Vinces Road, Diss.

WLTDO Harleston

WLTDO, Harleston is at the Sancroft Centre, Wilderness Lane, Harleston. All dads, grandads, male carers and their kids are welcome. There will be breakfast, craft, games and free play. For more information

search 'who let the dads out Harleston' on Facebook.

Happy Girl with Dad
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