Wildfires is a three day festival at the Wiston Estate, West Sussex, UK.

Wildfires is a festival where key churches, ministries, and movements all come together to fan the flames of the next Great Awakening.

It was launched in 2018 as a joint adventure between 24-7 Prayer, Worship Central, Pioneer, Fusion, Big Church Day Out, and Tearfund.
Over the course of 3 days, thousands gather from different church expressions and communities to unite in prayer and worship, to deepen friendships and community, to learn, to party and to encounter God.
And from the Big Top sessions to the silent discos, the skate parks to the pizza trucks, we’re committed to leaving space for God to change our plans every step of the way.

The culture of the festival is built on 3 key principles…

Camp fires
Building family and community through camping villages and all age activities

Holy fires
Experiencing the power of worship, the prophetic and world-class Bible teaching.

Wild fires
Investing in mission and learning together to step into the world to make a difference.

With friends from different churches and networks coming together to encounter God, make friends and be sent out like a wildfire to our towns and cities.
With amazing Kids work, inspiring Youth programmes and incredible teaching and worship across the whole festival there is room for everyone.
Wildfires has a limited capacity so be sure to book now to ensure you are part of the 2019 adventure


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