Working in the community: helping make community work

Community Works

Community Works is the volunteer service run by Hope Church. Launched in September 2007, Community Works serves the communities of Diss, Harleston and the surrounding villages. The primary objective is to help those in need where help is not necessarily easily available elsewhere and which will assist them towards a better quality of life and in so doing to help create working communities. Help is usually offered in a range of situations to those referred by our partner care professionals.

We offer assistance across South Norfolk and North Suffolk supporting people or communities who lack the resources to help themselves. Support may be offered to those such as the elderly with no family nearby; those being rehoused from homelessness or supported accommodation; single parent families; the sick or disabled with no supportive networks.

Our areas of operation fall into two main categories:

Furniture Project
Gerald’s Room

Furniture Project

Good quality furniture and household essentials are donated by members of the community or business partners and are recycled out to those being rehoused or judged to be in need by care professionals.

Donations – We are always looking for good quality donations and would be pleased to accept the following items:

Tables and chairs
Coffee tables
Chests of drawers
Beds, bunk and sofa beds
Kitchen Equipment
Pots and pans
Cooking dishes and trays
Cooking utensils
Electrical Equipment

We can only accept new small electrical equipment because of the regulations concerning PAT Testing. Larger items also take more space than we have available. But, we would be delighted to receive new kettles or toasters and would encourage anyone willing to donate to add one to their weekly shop.

Our strap line is: If it is clean, in good condition and something that you would be pleased to accept as a gift yourself, then we would be pleased to give it as a gift to someone else.

We can only accept upholstered items if there is a label attached showing they comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations.

Beds have to be in very good condition with no rips, tears or stains and have a fire label sewn on referring to BS7177.

We love unusual items too, so if in doubt, give us a call.

Community Works occasionally takes on a larger scale project for a local community, Housing Association or Residents’ Group. Examples of work undertaken include litter clearance, a new planting scheme on Fitzwalter Road, decorating the Diss Park Pavilion, laying a new path at Harleston Primary School and painting the Taylor Road Residents’ Association Meeting Room.

Gerald’s Room

Gerald’s Room is a fully equipped workshop, launched at Easter 2014, which works alongside and complements the Furniture Project.

Many donated furniture items, which may have been turned away because of minor damage or needed repair work, can now be recycled into useful pieces of furniture by giving them a second lease of life and avoiding unnecessary landfill.

Gerald’s Room provides an opportunity for members of the community to involve themselves in some very worthwhile work while, at the same time, learning new skills and making new friends working shoulder to shoulder with other volunteers.

There is also the opportunity to use the facilities for individual projects.

Currently, there are men’s groups operating, both daytime and evening. A women’s group is also operating and focussing on furniture upcycling.

Some items of refurbished and restored furniture are for sale as well as items that have been made from recycled and reclaimed wood.

Want to know more?

To receive help, find out more, or to offer your time, skills or a donation of some kind, please contact Community Works by calling the Co-ordinators, Adrian or Rosemary Roy, on 07938 005999.

The Lounge

Our community coffee lounge is open for all to drop in, free of charge. A relaxing place to meet other people, access support, advice and a listening ear. We are one of the Waveney Foodbank’s main distribution centres and provide access to the internet for support with job searches/ application forms and other information.

If we are unable to help you we will point you in the direction of people who can!

We also offer:

• A community lunch on every Friday of the month from 11.30am -1.00pm (Free of charge – donations welcomed if able).

• ‘Shine Women’ Course (focusing on Value, Worth and Purpose)

• The ‘Lounge’ is open for people to drop in and access all the above services on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9.30am – 12.30 pm

• Foodbank available Mon – Fri 9.30am – 12.30 pm

Other activities as advertised.

For more details about the services that are offered at The Lounge, please contact the office on 01379 644223 or e-mail