The Supernatural Season

On Sunday I shared a dream I had the previous Tuesday. In my dream it was the month of September and the harvest had finished. Farmers everywhere were now turning their attention to preparing the land as they started the process all over again. Before long plowed fields had been drilled and new crops had been sown. The wait for the next season of harvest now began.

Then December and January came and something extraordinary happened. Crops ready to be harvested were everywhere. Fields were in full ear and the harvest was ready to be gathered.

I felt God was saying, “Don’t just wait for the natural season of harvest, because something supernatural was going to take place. Something that would surprise you – A SUPERNATURAL SEASON!!  Even when the days are shortest, the ground is hard and the air is cold I am going to move supernaturally and things will happen outside of the natural season. So be prepared, get ready I will move quicker than you think, faster than you expect. A season of supernatural activity”

Let’s be expectant of the activity of the Holy Spirit at any time and any moment.

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